We created a script on Linux that creates the directory structure and .strm files for your providers VOD library.  When your provider removes VOD from the M3U list, the script will also remove it in your Library.   We have only tested this on Linux but should work on any platform that supports PHP. 




^ You can download the script here.  Just edit the variables at the top and customize to your preferences.  


$tv="/media/vod_tv/"; //Library for TV Shows & Must have trailing /
$movie="/media/vod_movie/"; // Library for Movies & Must have trailing /

$mwlistsurl = 'https://mwlists.com/m3u/strm.php?key=xxxxxx';    //where xxxxx is your mwlists m3u playlist
$includegroup = false; //include group name in folder name

^^ Just edit these variables.  

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